Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ganesha Game's 'BattleSworn': A Pre-Play Review

Hi all!

So being a new dad my gaming hobby is obviously completely changed!
In my search for a fast fun system this little gem popped up on TMP.

"BattleSworn is a simple set of rules for fantasy skirmish actions. Using a handful of miniatures in any scale and six-sided dice, two players can bring a game to a conclusion in around one hour. Table size is irrelevant. Distances are determined by terrain and by the position of enemies: no inches, no centimetres, no measuring sticks"

I was interested straight away and bought the PDF ruleset from http://www.ganeshagames.net/.
Priced around £5 I have to say it is a lovely graphical rulebook (I love the character drawings).

Within a 30 minute flick I have taken in the main mechanics of the system, so for ease i have highlighted the key points that I think make this system a great contender for Wargaming Dads, where time and complexity of wargames are a new issue :D...

  • Table, Miniature, Terrrain sizes are irrelevant. Play anywhere with anything!
  • Only needs d6s and a few Figure status counters (SAGA dice and Fatigue markers would be fine)
  • No You-Go-I-GO! At the start of each 'Turn' Players secretly bid how many Characters they want to activate in a turn. After revealing their bids on a die, the lowest bidding Player acts first, with the highest bidding Player reacting to the first.
  • Shooting, Melee and Magic all use this bidding Mechanic. For Example in Melee if you bid low you can hit first and possible kill your opponent before they react, but if you bid high you will have more attacks and therefore a greater chance to cause more damage.
  • Each Character is represented by a Class or MultipleClass:-
    • Fighter
    • Rabble
    • Tank
    • Brute
    • Shooter
    • Sniper
    • Aquebusier
    • Warmage
    • Sorcerer
    • Healer
    • Cavalry
    • Flyer
    • Leader
  • The system is easily adaptable to other non fantasy periods the book lists these examples:-
    • Horse and Musket: all characters are Arquebusiers. Multiclassing with Cavalry and Tank creates Napoleonic-era Cuirasseurs. Light troops are Arquebusiers/Rogues or Arquebusier/Sniper.
    • Wild West: all characters are Shooters. Native savages with spears are treated as Rogues or Rogue/Brute multiclassers. A sheriff or posse leader is a Leader/Shooter. Each force may have a legendary gunslinger who is a Sniper/Tank. Mounted characters are Shooter/Cavalry.

So come this Thursday me and some mates will give it a whirl and I will let you all know how it goes.

Cheers MaL