Monday, 11 March 2013

'Ad Gladium! Ad Ludum!', and other news...

Hi all,

With the brilliant news of me soon to be a father, I have spent a lot of the new year getting my life into better balance lol ;)

Not really been painting anything or playing anything.

I did have a cracking 6 point game with my Anglo-Danes at the WFC against the Skraelings! Tell you what they are a scary bunch of mimics; denying me Intimidation throughout the battle whilst dishing a similar amount of fatigue! A risking charge saw my warlord finish the barbarian chieftain but bloody hell it was close!

Aside from that I have been designing some more game systems...

'Ad Gladium! Ad Ludum!'
(To the Sword! To the Ludus!)

Is a fast paced Roman Gladiator combat game which sees you as Lanista of a Gladitorial household, striving against rival Ludi to become the most famed in Imperial Rome.

My plan is to make a beer and snacks fast paced tabletop miniature combat game (which ideal for dads to play very quickly and have lots of fun!). You buy in gladiator stock train them up and stir up the population, it will be a d10 system with a little dice rolling as possible but with plenty of tactical choice and cunning sword play.

As I playtest the rules i'll keep you posted on their progress.

'Feudal Dominion'

A themed strategy board game set on a fictional feudal island where up to four Lords use their Armies, Towns & Clerics to expand their territories and attempt to become this most powerfull noble in the new found land.

The core game revolves around building towns, training armies and schooling clerics, which each represent your Feudal Lord's Strength, Wealth and Influence in the region. The Order deck helps achieve this whilst the Strategy Deck allows for cunning play such as assassinating a rival Town Steward whilst you besiege the settlement. How you use your armies, towns and clerics is multi-faceted; will you conquer your rivals through military might, harvest local resources on a titanic scale and become econmically dominate, or sway the lesser lords by the divine influence of your clergymen?

Will keep you all posted on my progress.

On a last note I would like to highlight a game concept that has caught my attention on Kickstarter called...

By Curtis Smith

The nature of the card driven dungeon crawler is very modest but gives inspiration for a growing desire I have to enjoy fun, unburdened dungeon bash!

ZeptoQuest Kickstarter

Cheers all



Dalauppror said...

Congratulatin Mat! fartherhod changes ones life some, good and bad, but mostly good:)

Best regards Michael

Mi7 said...

Thankyou Michael loving your FIW stuff btw!