Friday, 7 December 2012

40k: Welcome To The Arena!

So my good mate Gaz bought Crusade of Fire the other day.
Straight away we had a good old crack at Arena of Death!
Gabriel Seth vs. Kharn The Betrayer
Seth sprints forward, his bolt pistol barking across the arena, 'For the Emperor!'
Kharn flanks right ducking the shells and launches into the Space Marine's left side, 'Blood for the Blood God!'
As Gorechild bears down, Seth rolls aside, rising behind the enraged Berzerker.
With a clear opening Gabriel swings Blood Reaver in a true mighty arc, 'Die Betrayer!'
The traitor stumbles, faking a lost balance, his dark aura deflecting the chainblade's mortal strike, 'Lap-Dog!'
Kharn scrambles to his feet, desperate to face his opponent.
The loyalist rends his nemesis' pistol arm open, heretical blood coats the arena floor and the xenos crowd howl in delight, 'No gods can help you now!'
Tasting first blood the Flesh Tearer presses the attack, lunging forward.
Sensing the move the World Eater feints right, placing himself side on, the Butchers Nails fuelling his hatred, 'Your god is dead!' 
Seth turns to attack but sees his error and shocked expression in the enemy's visor, 'Forgive me my Emp...'
His target clear, the champion unleashes the chainaxe; several strikes with lethal presicion sever limbs in a gory explosion of fury.
The arena falls silent as the last blow splits Seth's skull in two, the crunch of super-human bone under razor-sharp teeth, sparking a cressendo of pleasure and blood lust from the mass of spectators.
'Another skull for the Throne...', laughs the gladiator.
So you can see it was a fast brutal game!
I loved the rules, very simple and cinematic. There is huge scope for a whole game within 40k. I love the idea of having a standard marine and evolving him into a brutal gladiator!
I'd say it was a heap of fun any everyone should give it a try.
Next time I think Calgar & Abbadon would be interesting!



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