Thursday, 15 November 2012

Battle Scribe, great Army List app!

So if your like me I tend to be writing lists all the time.
This app is a great idea and makes list ceeation so easy i highly recommend you give it a go.
There 40k, WHFB, Kings of War, Warpath & Flames of War lists out too...
Here is the app's own spiel...

BattleScribe is a fast and powerful army list builder for tabletop wargaming. It's available on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows/Mac/Linux computers. Website: ++ Data Repository URLs ++ (copy/paste these URLs into the Manage Data screen) ++ Download BattleScribe ++ iOS: Android: Kindle Fire: Windows/Mac/Linux:

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Kev at the Cabin said...

You have an award Mal, check out my blog