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M&T: The Brothers' Bridge

Here is my report from my M&T battle with Kev...

Queen's Rangers vs Continental Army

British Objectives: Scouting Mission / Negotiations
American Objectives: Scouting Mission / They Were Once My Brothers
Size: 200 points
Optional Rules: Events / Vigilance / Side Plots

Force Composistion:

My Queen's Rangers
Light Officer
7x Light Infantry
7x Rangers
6x Indians

Kev's Continental Army
Light Officer
8x Elite Light Infantry
8x Light Infantry

The Table:

Two small farmsteads divided by a deep impassable river.

The Table (CA deploy left / QR depoly right)

The Brothers' Bridge

The Torrie Brother's Farm
The Rebel Brother's Farm
I deployed to the right of the river Kev deployed to the left.


Two Brothers hold land either side of the deep river.  One brother, a die hard Revoultionary, the other a stalwart Torrie.

With the arrival of the Queen's Rangers the QR Officer began Negotiations with the Torrie Brother for free passage across the Bridge.

The talks did not complete until Turn 3
In response the Rebel Brother, angry at his disillusioned sibling, sent for the local Continental Army, the CA take first turn and make a steady advance to the bridge...


In a Scouting Mission all your units move on to the table when their Activation Card is drawn in the first turn.  

This cancelled my Negotiations for the first turn as the QR Light Officer & Civillian Officer (Torrie Brother) had to spend a whole turn base to base without moving to have a chance to complete the talks.

My Light Infantry move on from reserve towards the Bridge
My Officer moves to the Torrie farm who is followed by the Torrie Brother (a civillian officer)
My Rangers & Indians move towards the ford crossing on my right flank

Kev's Officer & Lights move on from reserve towards the Bridge
Kev's Elite Light Infantry move towards the ford

Turn 1:

Kev draws the first cards and makes good progress towards the forge and bridge.

The CA move to the Bridge

Two Events are drawn Prudence & Desertion but have no bearing on the turn.
My forces move up the Torrie Brother joins the QR officer.

The QR's move to the bridge, negotiations begin

Kev's Elite Lights open fire on my Rangers as they try to cross the ford killing 3!

The rangers take 3 casulties and flight!
Turn 2:

After lots of moving and missed shots an Event is drawn, It Is Not My Fight Anymore, it has no bearing.


The CA Lights near the bridge kill 1 QR Light on the otherside of the river, the QR hold their ground.

Negotiations were unsuccessfull on this turn (I needed to roll a 6)

As Kev's Elite Light Infantry end the turn in the ford quarter of the table they count as scouting it, this puts Kev in the lead with 3 quarters scouted!

End of turn 2

Turn 3:

Kev's Elite Light move back towards the Rebel Farm.  My Lights near the bridge open fire on them killing 2!

With the Elite Lights moving back the QR Rangers & Indians leg it across the ford!

The Elites activate and fire on my Rangers!  One dies and as they can't see the Elites (who were firing through a dense wood) they Rout!

The CA Lights open up on QR Lights near the bridge again 1 dies but they hold their ground.

The QR Indians rush to the wood and take cover from the CA Elites.

A deadly stand off begins...
The Lets Go Event is drawn I reshuffle an Indian card into the deck, Kev chooses a Irregular card.

The Indians move up but are later recoiled by the Elite Lights

The Indians go Vigilant but then activate again so I move them forward, the Elites activate and open fire on them killing 2 the Indians recoil!

I roll for Negotiations, (this time need a 5 to be successfull) I get a 5! Thankfully my Officer can now go and join the fight!

The QR Officer & Torrie Brother come to an agreement

As my Indians recoiled from fire they didn't end the turn in the opposite quarter, so I couldn't claim i'd scouted it :(

So Kev was 3/4 of the way to getting his main Scouting objective, and his officer hadn't harmed a soul so his sub plot was going well!

My QR's had 1/2 of the Scouting objective, but I completed my Negotiations side plot, i just needed to keep the Torrie Brother alive!

My Rangers have fled too so things weren't looking my way!  Also my Morale card enters the Deck on the next turn :(

Turn 4:

Kev's Elite enter the wood where the Indians were.

The Elites move on the recoiled Indians
My Indians scream defiance and charge the Elites!  1 dies on both sides as the the melee is drawn everyone piles in.  2 more Elite die & 1 more Indian dies, the Elites fail their morale test and promptly flight, 1 more dies whilst running away!

The Indians charge!

1 Elite Light Infantryman survives!
Things start to look good for me :D

My QR Lights fire on the CA Lights across the bridge killing 1, they hold their ground.

Kev's Lights return fire killing another QR Light, their also hold ground.

My Morale card appears!  My Indians Rout (again denying me another scouted quarter)!  My Lights and Officer Recoil from the Bridge, Nooooo!

So at this point things are looking really bad!  All I have left is an Officer and 4 Light Infantry!

Then like a ray of sunshine the next Event Card appears...

Reinforcements!  As I am the only player with destroyed units I roll...and my Rangers return!

After my Indians flee from my Morale card, some Ranger reinforcements arrive!
Then the A Leader Is Born card is drawn!  I win the roll and my Officer issues a field promotion to the QR Light NCO!  

Officer - "You there, you're promoted!"
NCO - "Yes sir, thank you sir!"
So after a massive Indian slaughter then a dreadful morale drop, I suddenly have a fresh unit of Rangers and an additional Officer!  Thing might be going my way. Kev couldn't believe what had just happened!

So Kev still has more of his main objective but we both seem to have our side plots in the bag.

Turn 5:

Start of Turn 5

Lots of firing and missing occurs.  My Morale card is drawn and my original Officer flees the table! (Grrr)

After promoting another, my 1st Officer goes into early retirement :s
Kev began sending his sole Elite Light Infantryman towards the ford, on a Rambo-style infiltrate mission!

The last Elite makes a move for the ford!
Turn 6:

With Kev sneaking round the back I pull back from the bridge to block his flanking march.  Now in the open my men suffer heavy loss from Kev's Lights across the bridge.

The Elite approaches the Torrie Farm
My force tries to cut off the CA Elite
My Rangers enter the farm and await the Elites next move...

The Rangers enter the Torrie farm
The Event card Desertion is drawn and the CA Elite runs away! :s

My morale card is drawn and my Lights & Officer run away and also the Torrie Brother! :(. Only my Rangers left!

So things are looking bad again for me even though I stopped Kev Elite sneaking round to claim last scouting quarter, I have lost most of my army and my Negotiations side plot can not be completed as the Civilian Officer fled.

Turn 7:

Kev's Light Infantry fire across the Bridge killing two of my Rangers, who promptly flee (Nooo!)

The QR's flee the field
Game Summary:

So in the end Kev was the victor.

He won by completing his side plot, of his Officer not killing anyone.

I lost both my main objective and side plot :(.

It was a fantastic game the Events really played around with the whole narrative, I can't believe that I got a whole unit of Rangers back and an officer promoted!  

I found it really hard to cross the river even when my Indians got across and beat back the CA Elites their low morale meant they couldn't hold their position.

I can't wait for our next game it really is a fun system to play as because events bring in so much randomness its really hard to make a battle plan that sticks :D.

Cheers MaL

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Kev at the Cabin said...

Great battle report of a great game Mal.
That puts me 2 up, lol.
Those Tories will be after some payback I recon.
Let me know when you fancy another game.