Sunday, 15 July 2012

SAGA: Where Dragons Meet

Where Dragons Meet

Had a quick SAGA game with Al on saturday (was great seeing you man i know its a long way to come to see my ugly mug ;D)

We played 4 point Clash of Warlords

Aled fielded his Welsh

1x Hearthguard
2x Warriors
1x Levy

I fielded Anglo-Saxons 

3x Warriors 
(deployed in 2 x 12 man units)
1x Levy

End of Turn 1
End of Turn 2
It was a great game, with little action until turn 3 where my 12 warriors in the farm popped out and slayed all but 1 levy.
The Welsh prepare for a mass Javelin attack
Following this Al's massed advance over the hill on my other warrior unit saw many men die to javelin fire.  
After this Al was leading by 1 victory point!  I pulled my men back to the farm, slew the last levy and tried to prepare for the end game.
After heavy losses the warriors fall back to the Hovel
A welsh warrior unit raced from the hill throwing Javelins at my exposed levy killing two, them promptly flew back into the woods (in true welsh fashion ;D).
The last turn where my Levy manage to slay 3 warriors giving
me the vital victory point I needed to draw with Al!
Now in the last turn my only hope was too try and draw even, I moved up the Levy and fired at the warriors in the woods, scoring 3 hits I was happy, Al rolls the Defence Dice needing 3+ to deny me any victory points...the room went silent, I was so desperate to draw... Al rolls a 2,2,1 !!!  so I gain a measly 1 victory point!

This brought both our totals to 5!  A very tricky game in hindsight I should have not spent so much time going after Al's levy and thrown all my warriors at his main force.

I think Aled played this game very well, he never put his units in to vunerable a posistion he used his abilities well to keep himself in the lead, and also used Children of the Land every turn to keep his units dominate in the woods and hills.

All in all a cracking game with a interesting outcome, I like the Anglo-Saxons very different faction from the Anglo-Danes,  finding a good balanced force for them at 4 points i think seems like an art form in itself.

Cheers again Al had a really enjoyable game...

Very close tense game!

What have been your experience with the Anglo-Saxons?

Cheers MaL

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