Monday, 11 June 2012

SAGA: The Danes are near...

Right its been a long time since I posted!  I mostly blame this on the fantastic sunny spell recently that had me relaxing in the sun and cooking on the bbq, and also many weddings which my friends have had.

Grumbling aside I have a hefty update for you all...

The Godwinson Brotherhood

Harold & his brothers

Really enjoyed painting these models
I think the shields really beef them all up

Glad how these models have turned out, I think the banner conversion has worked really well. 
Managed to play an 'Invasion!' game against the Welsh and Vikings using Harold and he is definitely a scary warlord!

Pious Baggage

Just a few details left to do on the monks

Perry models are beautiful
Very happy with these models, still not played with them yet though, sure this will change as the Struggle for Britannia campaign gets into full swing.

The Gebur's Volley

Again some cracking Perry's
Managed to paint these guys up over the Jubilee weekend, been meaning to get them done for ages, I think they look great just need some flocking.  Also this unit will be great for stating up another warband, e.g Normans or Vikings as they all have a varied appearance.

Ceorl's Muster

Nearly done, these warriors keep losing their spears though :(
Out of all my SAGA miniatures these are my least favourite, all the other Gripping Beast stuff is superb but these Ceorls just do my head in.  They are nearly complete though so I will soon be able to sigh with relief!

Exploring the Danelaw

4Ground Saxon Hovel & My own Standing Stones
Battlefield in a Box hill & generic Trees
I've been trying to collect some Dark Age terrain so I can game at home.  I bought a Battlefield in a Box hill from ebay and got some trees from the Emporium.  
Also picked up this fantastic 4Ground Saxon Hovel, as well as a Water Cart at Triples and got some Ainsty Casting Trade Goods that I'm currently painting up.  
I also bought some Renedra Wattle Fences which will build a very nice settlement all together!
I built another 2 Standing Stones and an altar but alas only two of the stones survived my trip to play Aled's welsh :(  I will rebuild them soon as they were a cracking set on the table!

Let the Bones Decide!

Finally I own dice!
Managed to nab these off Arcane Scenery on ebay (along with my Wattle Fences).  So I can finally roll and plot with ease :D.

Buried Treasure

Foundry Dark Age Civilians & Crusader Merlin
After a good rummage through the bits box at the Emporium I found these beauties, £5 for the lot these will make great civilian scenics for any game!  Plus seeing as I found a Merlin model my next purchase will be of little surprise...

King Arthur & Mordred

Arthur & Mordred Salute limited edition model

After seeing this model on another SAGA blog and finding a Merlin by luck I had to get an Arthur!  Luck struck again as I got it off ebay for £3.70!  Just awaiting it's arrival.

This model will be perfect as a Anglo-Saxon Warlord (so now I can get two warbands out of one!).  It also gives me something to look forward to as I hear SAGA will sometime take a step into the Arthurian Legends (can't wait!).

Right update done!  Let me know what you think of the models.

Cheers MaL


EinarOlafson said...

There are a lot of very nice painting jobs here!! Arthur and Mordred are specially well painted and the Godwinson brothers are great!!

mallymoocow said...

The arthur model aint mine but will be posting photos of him soon cheers for looking!