Monday, 16 April 2012

'Spring Tide' SAGA Campaign 2012

Had a great day at the Green Room on Sunday.

JP from Wargames FC ran a wicked campaign that was really fun and involved.

Have to say i did not play well at all all day so did my part in letting the Anglo-Danes/Saxons down.

Here are my photos of the day, can't remember everything so please bear with me...

My force all day was the following:- (think I should have taken more Ceorls in hindsight)

2 points of Huscarls
1 point of Dane Axe Huscarls
1 point of Ceorls

My Anglo-Danish

1st Game vs JP's Welsh (Clash of Warlords)

Great game with JP.  We both moved up he took the hut in middle, which I then stole back.  Thing were starting to look in my favour and then I tried to do to much in one turn and lost my Dane Axe Huscarls (huge error as I lost a Saga Dice!)  Then later on I error and charged my Leofric in solo against his Warlord and died.  Not the best start...

I take the hut back from the Welsh
I try and get the Welsh Warlord and fail :(

2nd Game vs Keiron's Vikings (Challenge)
[in this game a unit of warriors was allowed a free activation!]

I enjoy playing Keiron (who one the Sportmanship award) as we usually have a hard time beating each other.  Last time we fought in a WFC event day we played Challenge so the pressure was on to win as last time we drew.  I gained the first turn and using the Warriors free activation I charged the Viking Lord, this took 2 wounds of him so I was very happy.  Keiron responded later by throwing his Berzerkers at Leofric and took a nasty 8 wounds of him!  After this I found it hard apply any more force, I charged Leofric in and was beaten.  Great fun but still no victory...

The game-changing Berzerker charge!

3rd Game Me & Tom's Anglo-Saxons vs JP & Carl's Welsh
[in this game levy counted for Saga Dice generation!]

Hard game!  With the Anglos on the back foot this multiplayer game saw me holding the table centre against a Welsh horde.  Tom was my backup and would enter from the opposite end on turn 1.  I could of held the Church in the centre but I pulled back to the huts ( this could of been I huge tatical error but I had no chance against the Welsh taunting and firepower!).  Tom moved his Anglo-Saxons at serious warp speed up to my position.  What followed was a difficult battle.  Against JP we both did serious damage, Me taking 15 warriors and Tom getting JP's Warlord.  Against Carl I did little damage eventually I had Leofric and a single Huscarls left.  Leofric charged some Hearthguard but was then cut down by 10 Welsh Warriors who ambushed him (very nasty ability).  The game ended with the Welsh winning by 1 point!  Again not doing well for my shield-brothers...

My Deployment

Welsh Deployment

Tom's speedy advance

The Welsh take the church!

JP gets swamped

Carl's Welsh pick me off

4th Game vs Gaz's Vikings & vs Carl & Dan's Welsh
[this game was 2 vs 1 vs 1!]

This game was a crazy 12 player game!!!!!  3 tables all with roads that interlinked each table!  The Welsh were dominating and so on my table I to face two Welsh warband and a Viking one!  Scary stuff, but i held the junction that linked to two other boards.  Unsure what to do I deployed in the woods and hoped I could last the onslaught.  Gaz's Vikings offered aid but knowing my only hope was to try and wipe him out before the Welsh rush I flatly refused him!  First turn I charged the Vikings and dented them badly.  Following turn i did the same, then the Vikings fled the field to the next table!  The Welsh were close and things were looking bad so I decided to chase after the Vikings (at this point everyone else had killed a Warlord except me so I was desperate for points!).  I entered the other table and finished the job!  Of course this small victory was overshadowed by Carl's Welsh chasing me also and putting a sound to Leofric the younger!  Awesome, mental game very hard to play but it had an amazing narrative end!  Some more much need points earned but no a victory by any means...

My game, I hide in the woods :) (2x Welsh, 1x Anglo, 1x Vikings)

Table to my right (2x Vikings 2x Anglos)
Table to my left (2x Welsh, 1x Anglos, 1x Vikings)

After chasing the Vikings the Welsh chase me!

Have to say again brilliant day SAGA works so well with these events so glad I've gotten into it.

Can't wait for the next one!

If you can make the next one YOU MUST GO!!!

Thankyou to Wargames FC again for outdoing themselves!

Cheers MaL


Carl said...

Just subscribed Mal. Excellent day and your Warlord really didnt like the Welsh.

mallymoocow said...

Mate my warlord don't like anybody! Haha, cheers for joining! I hear that Leofric the younger-younger is eager to get Owain for good!

Andrew (Loki) said...

I hope Leofric performs better in the campaign to come my friend :)

mallymoocow said...

Iknow mate i think my problem is i try and be to aggressive i should try be more reactionry, hard to master the danes, think i should consider fielding more warriors and levy as standard

Kev at the Cabin said...

The Danes are a defensive army Mal, with a very defensive battleboard.
They are better on the counterpuch when the enemy is fatigued.
It was a great campaign though and I certainly am looking forward to the next one.
More warriors and less huscarles are the way to go in a 4 pointer.
The Club campaign seems to be hotting up now and the next few turn will be crucial.
I'm surrounded by bloody Normans, but if they keep fighting amongst themselves a bit, I'll be happier, lol.

Kev at the Cabin said...

ps.. and with our new super club venue, the next Saga day will be awesome.

mallymoocow said...

Yeah looking forward to seeing it shame its a sunday though