Sunday, 29 April 2012

SAGA: Oath of Iron

Great battle tonight!  Met up with WFC guys for a 4 player bloodbath of Saga...

We played the Wooden Oaths at 5 points which id the new scenario in Northern Fury.

Matt fielded Normans
4x Hearthguard mounted
8x Warriors mounted
8x Warriors mounted
8x Warriors crossbows
12x Levy

Kieron fielded Jomsvikings!!!
6x Hearthguard
6x Hearthguard
8x Warriors
8x Warriors

Pete fielded Vikings
4x Berzerkers
8x Hearthguard
1x Hearthguard
1x Warriors

I fielded Anglo-Danes
(In this battle I was determined to play the Danes correctly, which meant alot of warriors and playing my battleboard very defensively!)
8x Hearthguard (no Dane Axes)
8x Warriors
8x Warriors
12x Levy (1st time I have used these!)

We choose sides...

Matt and Me allied.
Kieron and Pete allied.

Matt and his Normans were forced to deploy first, he take the hill on the left.
Kieron's Jomsvikings took the hill opposite the Normans.
Pete's Vikings deployed opposite the central forest.
I  deployed my Danes in the forest to the right.

Wooden Oaths is a confusing scenario, at the end of each turn the forces can change sides!  I stayed on the same team through-out hence the title ;)

Oath of Iron

It is hard to remember everything that happened, so here are a few key moments from the game...

Everyone moves up, Matt rapidly moves his knights away from me

Kieron's Jomsvikings & Pete's Vikings punish the Normans

Pete's vikings have a go, my Hearthguard defend well and push him back

At this point Matt betrayed me ;)  Kieron uses this to move closer to his new 'friends' ;), in the following turn Kieron switched to my side and wiped alot of this out with his high Wrath!

Now on my own I move on Pete's Vikings

On turn four everyone choose the same side so it became a free-for-all; at this point I had suffered the least deaths
and was therefore in the lead, so Matt threw arrows and knights at me! 

Pete attacks Kieron!

With one of Pete's Warriors in the background my position is secure...

The violence around this hill was immense, not much left of the other forces!

Kieron uses Jomsborg to move units, he puts my Hearthguard  into range of Matt's Levy, and puts my and Pete's warriors into melee range, very sneaky ability!

Here is the last turn Pete's last man fell and Kieron's Jomsvikings punishment ability took alot of me Levy out...
 So in the end I had the most men left and so was victorious!  Have to admit was happy how I played the Danes but me sticking out of the fray put me in an easy lead.  At least i neve broke my oath :D, so all the dirty traitors deserved their result hehe!

Here is the the pile of corspes caused by both teams, very bloody!

A great battle, interesting scenario with lots of backstabbing involved it does seem to favour defensive play so a big bonus for the Anglo-Danes.

First time I saw the Jomsvikings in action.  Very scary force!

I also picked up my Harold model Andy got me from Salute, cheers again dude really looking forward to painting him up Bill has done and amazing sculpt.  Would also like to say cheers for the Saga measuring sticks and fatigue markers man!

Hope you enjoyed the post, follow for more SAGA goodness to come!

Cheers MaL

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The Kiwi said...

That's one good report.
A great scenario to play. That game is always crazy fun.