Sunday, 26 February 2012

SAGA: Shield Wall and Dane Axe Huscarls

Sunday is a good day for painting :D

Right here are the rest of my Hearthguard shield designs, I think they look great now when together, very pleased.

I also tried to get my 4 Dane Axe Huscarls, finished but typically one of the guys shields fell :(, so i've repaired him and carried on with the other three, here they are just need to base them up like the rest.

From the front

And the back
I've also convinced some mates to start up SAGA, (well I did buy them a GB Warlord each for xmas ;p), they will be trying to paint them up for the 'Spring Tide' campaign day in Sheffield and good luck to them!

Cheers MaL


Andrew (Loki) said...

Thats a massive improvement to the overall look of your warband Sir

mallymoocow said...

Cheers Loki

Have to admit I stole the thin hightlight lines off your shields, and it does round off the models nicely

Looling forward to the Struggle for Britannia campaign
Would like to try and make a banner for it but think I'm running low on time.