Saturday, 21 January 2012

'Winters Coming' SAGA Tournament 2011 / Wargames FC

I have now joined Wargames Free Company, a club in Sheffield who introduced me to SAGA.

Here is a photo from the 'Winters Coming' Tournament, the first to be held in UK, of me (on the left Anglo-Danes) against Paul (Vikings). This was a great game with me losing by half a point, it was all very tense!

The day was well organized, with four games each and a massive dark age style banquet with whole chickens each :D

Have to say SAGA is now one of my favourite gaming systems as it is so quick to play and learn but very in depth with tactics.

I'm still trying to perfect my Anglo-Dane strategies but I do enjoy this learning curve.  Eagerly awaiting the Harold Godwinson brotherhood models to come out to lead my force onwards!

Cheers MaL

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Alimus said...

Yeah saw the campaign map on Loki's blog, looks really good. Wish I had had the cash and the spare time to get a force together in time for it :(