Saturday, 21 January 2012

Urge to Design...something!

After finishing my Product Design course i've rarely done any design in anything i'm interested in.  I work currently for a BMS (Building Management Systems) company who control heating and ventilation in all manner of public sector buildings, here I mostly design electrical control panels and design graphical user control interfaces.

But recently I have been having a real desire to create something completely different.  I've always dreamt of working in the game design industry and decided I should stop dreaming and start crafting my ideas into something concrete.

Here is a brilliant image I found on Brett Gilbert's( BrettSpiel ) image blog ( Games, Interuppted )
Brett's website is a must for anyone interested in board game design he has some great insights into such a design process.  This image was taken from another design site drawn by Andrew Looney.

So moving forwards I will share my concepts and their development through this blog and hopefully these reflections will encourage my to design something original, inspiring and truly fun to play!

Cheers MaL

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Alimus said...

I know what you mean mate, my problem is that I can never decide what it is I want to work on (paint models, write RPG, draw maps, draw illustrations,do research, etc etc etc) so I always end up watching TV or playing Skyrim.

I seriously need some focus.