Monday, 23 January 2012

Rudis: The Wooden Sword

I'm also working on painting up some Gladiator models for an old game I was introduced to in the club near the end of 2011.

The game is called 'Rudis' and has a cool combat system where you direct an attack at a body part, and depending on where that is move the weapon to adjacent body locations.  So rather than rolling to hit you place an attack and follow the swing of the weapon to the next available target area!  This is a really nice method, though confusing at first, but at the same time your opponent places their shield to try and predict you attack.

Whilst a little dated the system has a lot of charm and me first game had lots of exciting combat in.

Here is a quick shot of the first gladiator I painted, quite a quick scheme but i think its effective, three more to follow.

Cheers MaL

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