Saturday, 21 January 2012

Game Concept 1: 'Champions of Atlantis'

Here is one of my first concepts that has been rolling around in my head on and off for about a year now...

A fast paced light rpg/card and dice game for 2-4 players.

Here is a prologue I have written for the game...


Shackled and beaten the four eyed one another warily as the Roman slaver cut it's path through endless turbulent sea, the helmsmen's hands twitched as a great storm loomed along the far horizon, placing itself between the ship and it's destination; Rome.
The Roman Legionnaire, enslaved by his superiors, shared the cramped cell with barbarians.
The Celtic Chieftain pulled and cursed at his chains, the Egyptian Brave stared evenly at the Roman whilst the Persian Immortal, eyes closed, listened to the winds beyond.
'This ship will never see land', spoke the Persian.
'To die at sea...', pondered the Egyptian.
'She is well built', reassured the Roman.
'The Gods will decide that!', spat the Celt.
The wind outside began to howl, hammering the hull; screaming as it whipped about the rigging, causing the other slaves below deck to cry, hands covering their heads. Muffled shouts from above told of the crew's fear, as the dark storm engulfed the vessel. The helmsman roared his orders, fighting the waves as they grew, overlapping the sides and plucking men deep into the chaotic water, sealing their fate.
Then, like a Titan's vengeful fist, striking off to port, an enormous wave toppled her. Flung about their cell, the four foresaw their end. The storm swarmed the crippled boat; spinning it faster and faster; the black sea groaned and pulled it down, faster and faster they sank, the icy water devouring the slave cells, the four prayed in those last moments.
Then all was black...

More to follow soon, I have a lot of the mechanics written up but playtesting is still needed.  Stay tuned!

Cheers MaL

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